Name/Name : Chintu Jadhav

Funktion im Club/Task in the Club: Corner Pocket Club in Pune

Spielt Snooker seit/Playing Snooker since: 2001

Höchstes Break im Training/Highbreak during single training: 83

Höchstes Break im Match/Highbreak during a Match: 79

Höchstes Break im Turnier/Highbreak during a tournament: 58

Erfolge/Successes; titles: Still struggling in game But Successful in Same Business

Ziele/goals; aims: Take this Snooker Game everywhere so that it becomes so popular and one day I´ll see Snooker in Olympics

Lieblingsspieler/Favourite player: Stephen Lee and Ronnie O’Sullivan

Motto/motto: Would love to play & associate with this Cue Sport till the end of my life.